For Binky’s wedding we hand selected (over the course of 2 years) some beautiful vintage crockery including sets, duos,  trios and some mismatch in pretty, vintage florals.  We have teapots, sugar bowls, milk jugs, side plates, cake plates, cutlery (knives, forks, teaspoons) and even vintage cake plates and stands available for hire. 

We would love to share these precious pieces with you at your unique wedding.  Our rates are very competitive - one of the main reasons I bought all of my own is because everywhere I looked it cost just as much to hire a trio as it did to buy one secondhand.  With that in mind, we aim to give you the personal wedding you desire, at affordable prices.  Please see our hire price list.

Please note that when you hire vintage cup, saucer and cake plate from us - all required cutlery is free of charge.

Please contact us for availability and booking.

Vintage Crockery Hire Prices

Vintage Trio (cup, saucer, side/cake plate):  £1.75
Milk Jug:  £1 
Sugar Bowl:  £1
Teapot: £4
Teapot, Milk Jug and Sugar Bowl:  discounted rate of £5
Vintage 3 tiered cake stand- £4 each

(breakage costs apply)

Full terms of hire can be found here.

We have glassware for hire too!!!!

At our wedding we provided Red, White and Rose wine and then gave each table a carafe to pour their own wine. For Beer, Cider and Ale drinkers we provided kegs of our favourites and guests helped themselves all night using these traditional dimple beer mugs.  

Glass Loan Prices

0.5L Wine Carafe: £2 per carafe
1/2 Pint Dimple Beer Mug:  £0.50 per glass
Wine Glass:  £0.20 per glass
Champagne Flute:  £0.20 per glass
Pint Glass:  £0.20 per glass
1/2 Pint Glass:  £0.20 per glass
Jam Jar for Cocktails: £0.50 per jar (varying sizes and shapes).  These are only 25p each if ordered with other crockery/glasses.

(breakage costs apply)

Full hire price list can be found here.