We have glassware for hire too!!!!

At our wedding we provided Red, White and Rose wine and then gave each table a carafe to pour their own wine. For Beer, Cider and Ale drinkers we provided kegs of our favourites and guests helped themselves all night using these traditional dimple beer mugs.  

Glass Loan Prices

0.5L Wine Carafe: £2 per carafe
1/2 Pint Dimple Beer Mug:  £0.50 per glass
Wine Glass:  £0.20 per glass
Champagne Flute:  £0.20 per glass
Pint Glass:  £0.20 per glass
1/2 Pint Glass:  £0.20 per glass
Jam Jar for Cocktails: £0.50 per jar (varying sizes and shapes).  These are only 10p each if ordered with other crockery/glasses.

(breakage costs apply)

Full hire price list can be found here.